My return

It is been a while since the last time I wrote on this website. somehow, I got blank and had no idea what to write for almost 2 years. Geez! I saw lots comment on my spam quotes and wondering is that truly a spam or not. Cause I found out some of them are truly genuinely encouraging me to write more. I felt that I didn’t wanna continue to write over here since last year I suddenly can’t access my own website due to annual payment. I didn’t understand how it work here. Cause my best friend who bought this domain for me and I don’t know how to continue it.
somehow, one day I got my access back to write in this website. I guess my guardian angel helped me one more time LOL. Thank you! :)
anyway, I learn to have free blog on this wordpress just in case I can’t write here anymore.
this is my new blog :
well, I have been wondering on my bed room now. My mind is racing. I had been living in a remote area, a small town in Borneo since 2011. it is truly a dark place to stay. I don’t like living here. I do love my profession but kinda feel that I can’t enjoy working here anymore. I feel suffocate and trap here. I need some fresh air.So I decided that I will move to the other country this year. I need a new start of my life.
it is scary of course, leaving your comfort zone and jump into new adventure that hold lots uncertain things. I can’t see my future but come what may.

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