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we celebrate mother day today. I sit down here in front of my old computer and wondering about what I am gonna write today. I read lots comment on my website and it’s boosting my mood to write again. Let me allow my finger dance on my keyboard and just write from my heart.
I made christmas cookies with my mum last night. I stare and look at and observe the way mum made chocolate cookies for me. She put lots love and effort to make something that I love. I reflect back at our past when everything difficult for us. I start to counting blessings in my life. God do so much great things in my life. In the end of 2012 things slowly change into better. we start to have peaceful and stable life. I feel very grateful for what I have RIGHT NOW. Mum is the most precious Gem that I have in this world. Mum is not perfect person but I still adore her. For every single brave decision that she made. Mum will always gonna be my hero. I am sure lots people out there also love their mum. But I also realize, there will be some people who don’t lucky to get proper love from a mother. no matter what is your condition right now. I am asking you to do some reflecting with me.
Our mum are brave woman to made decision to give us birth. why? because lots women nowadays choose to do abortion for so many reasons. some may feel fear and worry about being pregnant and being a mum. so our mum want us and give us protection in her womb for 9 months. I saw with my own eyes many women got severe complications even dead after deliver the baby. we should be grateful for our mum taking that risk for us. :).
There are lots reasons for us to be grateful to our Mum. we should be grateful for every single drop of breast milk that she makes us develop and grow up and stay healthy with immune system that cow milk can’t provide :P. I just cant understand why some women give cow milk to their kids if they have no problems with produce milk. but I guess everybody has their own reason. we make our mum cant sleep and rest properly during our childhood cause she spend almost her time taking care of us. I am thinking about how many cookies and delicious food that mum made for me in my life. I am thinking about Mum that always taking care house. I am thinking about Mum when she defense me when someone try to hurt me. I am thinking about the nights when mum working on her sewing machine to feed 3 children and still fighting to be a single mother. I adore her so much for this. Everytime I remember this I always overwhelmed. I am so proud of my mum that went college in her old years and finish her bachelor. I am so proud of my mum for keep chasing her dreams and be someone who she wanna be.
I am sure you have your own story about your mum. I have lots things that I cant share on this short articles. But I dedicate this article for my MUM. Hope she always know that I love her so much. I pray God wont call her before I have a chance to make my mum happy in her elderly phase of her life.

HAPPY MOM’s day! I love you Mum :)


What is true love? True love is the only love when you can love without setting any conditions nor asking any question because you have the answer that lies in the depth of your heart. It would be very lucky for someone to have true love who can spend the rest of his life with till the end. But sadly, many people still wondering and searching. And some people still blind and still searching although true love already exist in front of their eyes. It is very hard to find someone who can love you with all heart and who can you love with all your heart.

It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all, because  you will win something and you lose something in life. Life is a battlefield. It takes courage and strength to gain victory. We will find strength to survive day by day and to overcome our trials and temptation, to overcome our difficulties and to transcend the greatest things through LOVE.

Love sometimes can be complicated sometimes can be so simple. Many people try to impress their partner by doing so much complicated stuff even forget that the true love only presence in simplicity of life. Love is all about giving. what kind of things that we can give to someone that we love? EARS, to listen; EYES to see and maintain eye contact when someone talk to you, to see good things in someone’s life; LIPS to console, motivate, encourage and speak positive words; HANDS to touch and hugs; FEET to running and walking when our beloved people need us to help and fight for them; TIME, The most precious gift that someone can provide. Many people work all the time then forget that their beloved people need their PRESENCE. Sometimes the smallest of things, could mean the most to another. 

THE KEY TO SUCCEEDING IN MARRIAGE IS NOT FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON; IT is LEARNING TO LOVE  and ACCEPT THE PERSON YOU have  FOUND JUST HOW THE WAY SHE/HE IS. SUSTAINING love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. It will NEVER just happen to you. You can’t FIND ever LASTING love. You have to MAKE  it day in and day out. That’s why we have the expression “the labor of love.” A physical and chemical match OR chemistry  is essential in the beginning but we need more than that to maintain the relationship. We need TRUST, HONESTY, COMMUNICATION, DEVOTION, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, SHARING, HUMOR, AND sometimes SACRIFICE.

Love in marriage is indeed a DECISION. Not just a feeling. TRUE LOVE is Unconditional love and love without any reasons and indeed the gift from the throne of love in the heaven. So for whoever that already have love in their life, please be grateful. someone’s garden always looks more beauty but remember you already have your own wonderful garden in your home and it is in your hand to make it more wonderful to see. just develop attitude of gratitude. In another words, BE GRATEFUL for what you have. ALWAYS counting your blessings :)

HAVE  A GREAT DAY. May peace be with you all readers :)



I do believe true love is unconditional. Why? Because if you don’t love without judging and expectation you don’t really love. Love is all about giving, not taking. When you truly love someone, you will never want to looking for what kind of benefits that you can take from that. Instead, all you concern about only wanna make someone that you love happy somehow. Sometimes when we truly love someone we also don’t get love back from them. But Does someone have to  love  you in return just because you love him/her?. There will be times in life, when we should swallow bitter pill. especially when someone that we truly love is not have have the same feeling. But love is pure. It can’t be manipulated. Love is love. An emotion of passion that is a gift from  heaven. we can’t create love. And sometimes, love means we give someone who we love wings to fly freely from us gain his/her own happiness. Happiness that maybe they can’t get from us cause they love someone else. If you truly love that person, then you will let him/her go.

Love is patience. We will not become selfish. we will always trying to understand and tolerate to any differentiation and respect it. We will endure everything without complaining and keep loving with all our heart. Because love always make us strong to deal with hard situations and circumstances.

Love is kindly. Love warming our heart and heal it. if you have love inside your heart, it’s gonna softened your heart and fill it with joyful, kindness and peace. Love make us wanna do all the good things toward others. Love always make us caring and helpful.

Love is forgiving. There will be time when your partner gonna hurt you. when you decide to love someone, you open your fragile heart and give him/her chance to hurt your heart. To love someone it takes  a lot of courage. If you truly love someone you will not keep their mistakes in your mind like saving money on your bank account. You will forgive your partner with all your heart and stop remind him/her about their mistakes. You will not carry anger and will to take revenge. You will take off all the bitterness roots in your heart and choose to let it go. You will never ever can forgive without God’s blessing and strength. To err is human to forgive is divine. what should we do then? humble and bow down and kneel down. Ask God to give you strength to forgive. Forgiveness is another one key to live in peacefulness and contentment. You have to learn to let it go and move on.

The highest commitment as human beings is spending time with those persons we love by our presence. The most precious  gift to our partner is “TIME”. Everybody need caring presence and someone to share with and someone that listen to them. Love is fundamentally a commitment to a person. There gonna be lots temptation coming after you decide to stick with someone. But as a human that have integrity you will value the commitment that you made.

Love is not possessive. When you love someone you will not  feel jealousy and worry all the time your partner gonna cheat on you. You will feel no worry when your partner hanging out with his friends without you. Because you feel secure about yourself. many people that always jealous actually have their own insecurity feeling. if you do, then get over it by yourself. You need to build your own self-esteem and image. if your partner leave you its gonna be his/her own lost, not you. I have philosophy that when we love someone we will let them freely in the sky and if they truly fly back to you, it means they truly love you. But if in their freedom they choose to settle down in another places that means they don’t really love you and you don’t need them in your life.

The fastest way to lose love is to hold on too tight, the best way to keep love is to give it — WINGS!


A woman are:

  1. someone that gonna accompany you forever
  2. someone that gonna deliver your child although it will be very painful
  3. someone that gonna look after you till you getting old
  4. someone that gonna take care of you when you get sick
  5. someone that gonna always support you although you are fail many times
  6. someone that gonna give up her life for you. she even gonna throw his life to be with you. she will be with you although you hurt her

A man are:

  1. someone that gonna protect you forever
  2. someone that gonna sacrifice his life for you
  3. someone that gonna work to create better life for you
  4. someone that gonna take care of you when you get sick
  5. someone that gonna hug you when you sad
  6. someone that really want to make you happy

Woman and man both equally precious and valuable in the eyes of God. They have differentiation that sometimes can be the source of hurting one another. It can be only can overcome by understanding and stop being selfish from both side.

Life is very short. Too short to spend with fighting and arguing. Why you just don’t try to make your partner happy and fill the days with love and try to make your partner smiling everyday?

Marriage Is not easy, it will never be easy. But you have to through it although sometimes you don’t want to. You don’t marry someone you can live with- you marry someone you cant live without (unknown)


LOVE BY My Guardian angel TM :)

I have love only for those who have love within them.

But sometimes,

those people who have love within them do not know or see it.

Or it is burried so deep that it needs to grow and come out.

For you have much unlimited love within you.

You just sometimes blur what is love and what is not love.

Love is eternal.  Love can be hard and painful.

But love is always faithful.

Love, is always there, like a whisper.

Like a quick short wind blowing.

Love is always there.

like a drop of dew in the morning, a spinkle of mist in the afternoon, a drop of rain at night….

all to return to a drop of dew with the morning light.

Then love is like the ocean  full and might

roaring and crashing.


the ocean…

is made up of each little drop

Each little gift.

Each little whisper…

Each little bit of love

collected, magnified, and released


The story about Pry

I have a very weird dream last night. don’t laugh. I dreamed about my ex. we had 3 years relationship and broke up in 2009. there is someone create beautiful page and art design in facebook. and she wrote something beautiful.” If you have ever loved someone ..even for a moment ..That love never dies because it was felt from the heart and soul…from deep within …for that moment which was very special…No matter later where you land up in your life that special moment remains in your heart till eternity…It is not necessary that everyone in this world gets to spend their lives with the one they love…but it is necessary to respect that very moment when you felt love..and respect the person who made you feel that love”. you can check it out on

with relationships, I think they only change. Some change for the good, some change for the bad.It is how we handle the change is how we view the relationship. there is still a core relationship there that was good. when a relationship end, it will end up as a friend or enemy or unknown person. but believe me, not all of us can be friends with their ex. :P. it is very hard to do especially if your ex partner ever hurt you or cheat on you or you ever cheat on them or ever hurt them deeply :P. the main problem is, it is very hard to forgive and let it go.

lets come back to my dream. hope you don’t bored already :P. I dreamed, I went into his home. there are his family there. his mum, his wife etc. I just went there with my middle sister. what for? I did packed up  all my clothes that left there. clean up everything. made sure nothing left in his house. it is very weird. for in real life, I never stay with him or left any clothes in his house. :P. but dreams just dreams. sometimes it is very weird.  I still have the truth feeling toward him in my dreams. that I still love him deeply. nothing change. no matter how hard I have tried to deny it. I packed all my stuffs with painful heart. and along with that I feel acceptance for what happen. I looked at him and his wife. and realized, it is the time to walk away. it is the time to let it go. and I suddenly not feel hurt anymore. I already forgive him for cheat on me and marry that woman. and when I leaved his house. I never turn back my head. I see forward to my future. walk away and let all go behind. I ve got the meaning from my dreams. I finally let him go and left behind. :)

this dreams truly inspiring me this morning.I can learn many things from it. about letting go and move on. about forgiveness and being set free. about being honest to yourself and accept your feeling. so you can move on from there.I learn to not living in the past but learn from it. and now, I can look at him without feel angry and painful. I already forgive him and think he is as a part of my past life. there is core love that still remains. and let it be. life must goes on. and I walk on my own path now.

“Kiss your hurting past goodbye, and set yourself free”.

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Have a great day and God bless :)






love is all around you

Love … is the force that enables us to make a commitment to truth, to justice, to peace… when I think about love, there are so many things running in my head. there are so many kind of love. And there are so many story about love.

I remember one story. about mother’s love to her son. love that brought her back from coma just to awake in few minutes, enough to say she loved him and she forgive him although he had been broken his mother’s heart for many years. this mother just leaved this earth after made sure her son knowing that he had been love unconditionally. suddenly this love change a lot this bad boy into someone better and wiser. he gave up all pride and learn to be good man. he finally learn about love, the true love. his mum’s love bring him back to the track. and just make him realize he was just live in empty life.

let me tell you about love. love is a feeling, invisible bonding that put two heart, mind and soul become one. love that can put two person together bow down and praying together in front of the presence of God. love is an emotion that bring so much warm, light and joyful into someone’s heart. love is a power that can make people struggle and fighting to overcome all situations. and love just like an anchor that make someone keep believing and live in hope.

and that is love which can give someone strength to let the person that she love go away to find his true love. because she realize she is not the one. that is love that can give her strength to keep smile and pray for the happiness of her ex boyfriend.

and I become a witness for a true and everlasting love from my patient. she got stroke that paralyzed her and made her coma. but still her husband holding her hands with all faith and ask her in sweet voice. “honey, please be strong and awake. we still need you and we are loving you so much. stay here and never leave me alone”. that is love that bring her back after almost bedrest in come for 2 months.

and God is love. everyone that loving are belong to God. love is all around us. what you have to do just open your eyes and open your heart. you will see the miracles of love around you.


An Act of Love

Author: Clay Harrison

An act of love need not be
A gesture great or grand…
A smile can work a miracle
And show you understand.
Being there in time of need
Transcends the spoken word;
A helping hand is simply grand
When hearts begin to bleed.

A prayer is nothing till it’s heard
Beyond the highest leaf,
But when it’s answered, oh my friend,
How strong is our belief!
An act of love may simply be
A smile, a hug, a kiss…
But it’s a joy for all to see
When troubles come like this

Love Is A Wonderful Word

Love is a wonderful word. It’s the kind of word that makes you feel warm and tingly inside. Sometimes love is all you need.

We all go through a stage in our life where you love someone and they don’t love you back and you’re hurt; you’re very hurt and you feel like you just want to die because you cannot be with that person or just even be close to them. The hardest thing is to see them love someone else. But try to think back when you didn’t even know that person or you even hated that person.

Love is a great feeling, right? You will feel this way again; maybe not now, maybe not later, but soon. After all the hurt is gone, you will love again and even stronger than before.

Remember, there are so many guys in this world. Don’t let one get you down because it’s not worth it and obviously they’re not worth your time.

Love truly is a wonderful word, especially when you both share it. You will find someone; just hold on and don’t give up.

Author: Unknown


love philosophy by Timothy Morris

I think people should find someone that they are at least 75% compatable with, and invest a year to three years with that person dating and getting to know them.  Then see if the other 25% can be met at least half way.And one must put aside doubts.A lot of times, the problems with relationships are made by the people in them.  Doubts are a destroyer of relationships.Do not doubt yourself, I should say.

As long as we have breath, we have time to make things right.Let me tell you about love.  Love is two things.Love is an emotion as well as a choice.The love/lust that we feel for each other will grow and lessen throughout the years.That is when the choice to stay in love comes in.  When the emotion ebbs and goes out like the tide.When the lust comes rushing back in, anyone can fill the lust,  That is when the choice to be faithful comes in and channels the tide back to the one we love.If we have love/lust with no choice, then it is empty and means nothing.So, the lust and the choice together make love.  And in the end.  The choice has to be the one that is the stronger.

The second thing I want to tell you, is about men.

Men are full of doubt.  All the time.

Especially when it comes to women.  A true man will be assured of himself enough that he can let a woman be independent and not worry about her past.  Because he knows she will be there and there is no doubts about her.

Males do stupid things.  Like lie and cheat.  And because of that, very few males can trust people.

And very few males can truely love someone.

But if you find a male that has unconditional acceptance of you and himself, then he is a man.

YOu need a man.