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My Trip In West Borneo, Indonesia. Day 1

Here I am again. Honestly, I don’t have any great idea to writing about. But I just decide to write something this afternoon. Today is my first trip SINCE LAST April. I love traveling and I think maybe it could be useful if I share my experience to traveling around Indonesia, Asia. Air transports is getting better from my town (Sintang) to capital city of my province Pontianak now. Honestly, I am impressed. The last time I traveled I must deal with unsure flight schedule and messy service at domestic airport here. well, at least, they are improving now. I feel my town not too isolated anymore from civilization :D.
There is flight everyday routinely right now with route Sintang-Pontianak with Kal Star aviation. They have better service and new plane. make me feel safer and more comfort of course. it’s only takes 30 minutes flight compare with 10-12 hours ride bus or car. I can imagine how hurt my back if I take car transport :).
I choose to stay at my fave hotel (Aroma Inn Hotel) in Setia Budi street. well, I am just feel comfort here. I always transit in this hotel when I traveling. This hotel perfect for budgeting traveler like me :). They have standard room and it would be perfect if we re looking for varies food court. they are all around this hotel. but if you are lazy to go out you still can take room service for local food here. :). the most important thing they have internet access. that’s the most important thing for me. The staff in front desk also very friendly to help us carry our bag or order taxi service to the airport. the room rate around $18-$27 per night. bloody cheap right :).
There is weakness also, they don’t have lift, so be ready to do sport and loose some weight by climbing the stairs LOL. The room pretty clean, But it is a little bit less clean on bathroom. They have hot and cold shower and sit toilet. well, it is perfect for backpacker like me :).
I eat Chinesse Food this afternoon. Of course I walking around as tourist although it is not normal for woman walking alone here. let it be, who cares :). it is cultural things. maybe some wont understand. welcome to asian culture :). it is little bit complicated to understand. I eat fried frogs and forest vegetables (pakis). I drank ice tea without sugar. I do believe it can neutralize the fat you consume from your food, taking care of your heart.
well, I am gonna resting now. I will fly to another island tomorrow. I will fly from pontianak to Yogyakarta. Pontianak is big city that laid in equator line. can you imagine how hot it is during mid day? be ready to drink lots water if you travel here. and of course sun glasses. beside, not too many tourist come here. so, People not really getting used to see white man. They will call you “bule” (white man). it doesn’t means bad. kinda like nick name. if you don’t have guide, be ready with basic bahasa indonesia language. and don’t rely on public transport here. suck. my advice is you take taxi service only. :) and try to find some local friends who can guide you to walk around here :).
that’s my story today. dedicate for all people who are world travelers 😀