DAYS and MONTHS (Nama Hari dan Bulan)


Sunday (minggu), Monday (senin), Tuesday (selasa), Wednesday (Rabu), Thursday (kamis), Friday (jumat), Saturday ( Sabtu). We also say weekend as “akhir pekan”.

Minggu also has same meaning with week. It is depend on the context.

We have national day off every Sunday. almost all institution gonna be closed during sunday except public service like hospital or police station and some others. And moeslem people gonna be have special prayer during mid day in Friday.

MONTHS (nama bulan):

we also speak bulan as moon :). dont make mistake. you have to know what is the context.

January (januari), February (februari), March (maret), April (april), May (mei), June (juni), July (juli), August (agustus), September (september), October (oktober), November (nopember),December (desember).

So far, it is not too difficult, right?. :)

example: today is October, 4 2012. in Indonesia we will say ” Hari ini tanggal 4 (empat) oktober 2012 (dua ribu dua belas)”. date = tanggal.



Good morning : selamat pagi

Good mid-day : selamat siang

Good afternoon : selamat sore

Good evening : selamat malam

Good night : selamat tidur

Good bye : selamat tinggal (if you are leaving), selamat jalan ( say to someone who leaving you)

thank you : Terima Kasih

thanks : makasi

you are welcome : kembali or sama-sama

how are you? : apa kabar?

excuse me : permisi or maaf


Politeness in Indonesian culture is very important.


how are you ? (apa kabar?) . fine (baik).  or please sit down (silahkan duduk) or please come in  (silahkan masuk).

The other important words are:

yes : ya and no: tidak.

I am sorry: saya minta maaf, maafkan saya.

sorry : maaf.




ALPHABET (HURUF) in Bahasa Indonesia and NUMBERS

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Z.

The spelling a little bit different rather than English. It is a little bit similar like Italian language. But there are some differentiation.

one (satu), two (dua), three (tiga), four (empat), five (lima), six (enam), seven (tujuh), eight (delapan), nine (sembilan), ten (sepuluh)

11 : sebelas

12 : dua belas

13 : tiga belas

14 : empat belas

15 : lima belas

16 : enam belas

17: tujuh belas

18 : delapan belas

19 : sembilan belas

20: dua puluh

21 : dua puluh satu

22 : dua puluh dua etc

30 : tiga puluh

31 tiga puluh satu etc

100: seratus

101: seratus satu

1000: seribu

10.000 : sepuluh ribu.

so, for the beginning, I think it is easy. if anyone has question please free contact me in my facebook.