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Author : Leif Cutler

Question: When are you going to have a baby?

A: When are YOU going to have a baby?

A: As soon as I get pregnant.

A: When I get married.

A: When the timing is right, or a full moon, whichever comes first?

A: I really haven’t given it much thought.

A: I am sorry, but have you already asked me that.

A: If not mistaken, I believe this is a personal question.

A: I would love to tell you, but I can’t.

A: Why do you ask?

Question: When are you going to get married?

A: Oh I see, when are YOU going to get married?

A: When I agree to it.

A: I am not sure about my decision, can you tell me when.

A: I don’t know how, but if you do know, just let me know.

A: I don’t know, marriage is not for me

A: I have other more important things to think about it

A: Nice try, but you know this is a personal question

A: I will have to look at my calendar; I think I wrote it down on Friday the 13th.

A: I can’t remember, so many people ask me so much of the same question; I just don’t pay attention to them anymore.

A: Why do you ask?

Question: Where did you meet your fiancé?

A: Where did YOU meet your fiancé?

A: In a special place, that no one will ever know.

A: I wise man once said to me, never give out personal info to people who ask the same questions.

A: I am sorry did you already ask this question.

A: Ah the same questions I get all the time, I forgot what I told them.

A: Hmmm, one of these days I just might tell someone, when I feel like it.

A: At the zoo, I was feeding him some food through his special cage that he lived in.

A: From a far, far place, I forgot the name of that planet.

A: Why do you ask?

Question: How do you know if your fiancé loves you or if he has ever cheated on you?

A: How funny, but serious how do YOU know if your fiancé loves you or if he has ever cheated on you.

A: I don’t, I am getting scared now, OMG!!! Why thank you so much for asking, I don’t know what to do, help me please!!! Call all your friends!!!

A: Ugh, not this questions again.

A: Oh my poor memory, If I recall, when people ask such a personal question, how would I respond?

A: If he loves me, then I believe him, simple, its called trust, which most people lack now days, does that answer your question?

A: If he cheats on me, my super powers will let me know…wait a minute did you just asked me that same question earlier?

A: Wow! I am shocked being that you are so smart, to even ask me such a personal question.

A: What the Hell are you serious, what is wrong with you?

A: Why do you ask?

Question: What does your fiancé do for a living?

A: I know, but do YOU know what your fiancé does for a living?

A: When people ask this question, does that mean they have insecurity problems, of their own personal life.

A: He doesn’t, he lives with his mommy, plays video games all day, he eats lots of junk food, cries when he wants something. Bo do I love dating a looser.

A: He doesn’t, he is a genius. What do you think? Was that a good answer, when somebody asks this question?

A: Well once I know, I would be happy to email you.

A: It must be my lucky week; so many people are asking the same questions to me.

A: He is a pilot, who fly’s around the world, taking pictures of butterflies.

A: I don’t know if I trust telling you or not, a lot of people are so jealous if they know the truth

A: Why do you ask?

Question: Are you going to move over to the United States.

A: I don’t know, are YOU going to move to the United States

A: Well that all depends; do you have a few hours to kill, as I try to make up lies. So people wouldn’t keep asking me.

A: Where is the United States?

A: You do know, I have been asked these questions so many times, I can’t think of a smart ass response.

A: Why do you ask?

Question: How long have you known your fiancé?

A: The real question is, how long have YOU known your fiancé?

A: 1 day, 15 minutes, sorry I can’t tell you the seconds

A: Do you happened to know where the word fiancé comes from, what is this word, so many people ask this question, must be a game.

A: Why do you want to know, is it that important for you to know, or are you trying to be polite or make small talk, be honest now.

A: I don’t have permission to share this personal information, until I speak with my lawyers.

A: How about if I ask you personal questions about your child hood, would that help you to find your answer?

A: Why do you ask?

And now the evil, dark side of being mean.

Whatever you read above, use those words and change it to whatever you like them to be. If you want to be a grumpy, foul mouth bastard, then go for it. Remember it’s all about attitude, body language, tone, and the way you deliver the message. Now as I write this, I am trying so hard to hold back my “Potty” mouth. Everyone has their own styles of communication. By all means, add some words to the sentence above, to whatever you like it to be. Keep in mind, I wrote those answers in the way on I would handle them. My style is usually being a nice smart ass. You can get your point across, without saying all kinds of bad words towards them.

Now the reason why I started to write all of the questions and answers above is to help anyone who lives in a second or third world country. Their all millions of people (Mainly women) who want to escape their country due to various reasons. Now my fiancé lives in Indonesia, when I visited her back in March of last year, I did noticed there is more respect and value there, opposed to the way us Americans are. I am still and always learning about her culture and as well as from other countries. I especially want the women to know, dating Americans can be strange. Yes we can have various personalities. We can be wild, odd, strange out of control, no manners, loud, vulgar, and rude; the list can go on. Now not trying to scare people who’s planning on moving here, but I just wanted to be blunt, so that way, you are a little aware of what happens behind the truth, about the US.A. On the bright side, we are a very good country, to be free to do what you want (Within reason, and within the law) you can be a very successful person, here. Okay I got off the subject of my point, lol

I am trying to help my fiancé on how to protect her, against others, who ask personal questions about her life. They know that she is dating me (An American), but they are curious and feel threatened and insecure about their own life. I am trying to help my fiancé, slowly to get out of that “rut” don’t get stuck with bringing your pass; when you come over. I am tired, right now, as I am writing this, it’s late. So forgive me for bouncing around with my thoughts and words.

Bottom line, here it is. Start to learn how to be blunt, some sort of a smart ass, don’t live in fear of how somebody is going to act, especially when you put them into their place. Don’t get bulled by your own country status of what is right or wrong. The government loves to have everybody follows them. The government would like everybody to be dependent on them, and doesn’t want the public to think for themselves. I am not saying to change everything about yourself and to ignore the law, or always disrespect others. But just trying to step out of the bubble a little and learn something new. It’s a great feeling to learn something from somebody. Cross culture, dating can be difficult, especially how each person was raised different.


The world keep changing all the time. When we stop and thinking for a second about how many changes in all aspects of our life nowadays, we will find lots amazement. When I was a kid, I used to play in the mud with boys, pretending we were at wars, went to the forest, built our huts, create our own swords with woods and was pretending we were warriors and keep fight one another. I got so many scars to prove it. I didn’t have TV when I was a kid. So, I spent mostly time outdoor playing with friends. nowadays, so many kids consumed by TV and games. They stare at TV or games for many hours and finally break their vision. so they must use thick glasses to help their vision.
our ancestor worship God in the form of statues of silver or golden. and nowadays we worship Gods in another new modern form. I don’t refuse for changing. But I just wonder if we could set up our limits and define how far we must consumed by new development of worlds. now I would like to ask some questions to ourselves:

1. how many hours you live without cell phone? .(well, When the first time, I even go to the loo brought my cell phone :p). you have authority to live. Your life is not about cell phone only. Make a time for yourself to rest and sleep. ( don’t repeat my mistake by live like zombie cause couldn’t get enough sleep due to awake by phone ringing in the middle of the night). I do put it in silent mode now everytime I go to bed or go to church. Our Phone can wait. so many people make excuse by ” how about if there is emergency situation?”. well in that case, I do believe that I will be fine sleeping few hours without interruption. so I am gonna be ready after that handle all bad situation or emergency situation next day. stop worshiping your Phone. :)

2. How many hours you spend with playing video Games?. you have to understand that games really addictive. trust me I know. but, can you imagine how many precious hours you spend in front of that games that you actually can use for other meaningful activities such as like sports, yoga, reading important and knowledge stuff, finish your deadline reports, chat with your families and beloved one. You just live once. don’t spoil it. I don’t reject to play games. Just make sure you set up the limit of hours you must play it. I have read some journals that play video games too much can damage your brain cells. especially kids.

3. Stop worshiping your TV. mostly people spend most of their times in front of TV. you are getting fat because eat snacks and watch TV all the time. We must be wise also what we watch on TV. be picky and selective. I choose to not watch rubbish like gossips. we don’t have business with someone or I can say celebrities’ life. Their life wont affect our life. so why we must wasting our precious time looking for the news about them. Instead watching TV, you can find another healthy activities such as playing with your kids, cooking, do some sports, hiking and other beneficial activities. I agree to watch useful and inspire things from TV. I think it is good sometimes when we watch some entertaining movies which can make us relaxing. I choose not to watch horror or bloody thriller movies. Cause when I am off from work I just wanna relax my mind, not give another stressors from TV :P.

4. Stop worshiping money. Don’t be workaholic. life is not all about money. if you working hard to earn lots money, then you can loose the time to enjoy the money itself. take a time off and do your own hobbies. enjoy your life. enjoy the money you earned.

5. Stop worshiping Porn! :) it’s a little bit awkward topic for me. LOL. But please brothers and sisters, don’t let porn consumed you. don’t let porn become your obsession. sex is a basic need. I understand. But God give us sex to be enjoy with right person. (not with ourselves, pictures, imagination and objects). sex suppose to be consumed in marriage. it is hard to do. but it is the right thing to do. would be wise if we could wait the right time, right moment and right person. be careful. you don’t want create sexual bond with someone who you don’t want or you don’t love at all.
There is special quotes for this matter for you guys.
In sexual intercourse, there is a physical bonding of the couple. The members of the one become the members of the other. The two become one flesh . In the marriage covenant, this sexual bonding is a great blessing. Outside of marriage, it is a bondage. The sexual bond is real and physical. It expresses itself not always in sexual matters but in fears and compulsions. The sexual bond outside of marriage is often experienced as an unpredictable tension, like being pulled in different directions at the same time. The cause of their bond can be removed by repenting of fornication, adultery, or homosexual relations. Then those in bondage should ask God to remove the effects of their sin by breaking the sexual bondage. This is impossible by human power. No amount of counseling or therapy can break sexual bonding. But “nothing is impossible with God”

I guess it would be wise if we could be wise about living our life. every day is precious day. we re getting old not getting young. our time to leave this earth can happen anytime. because we must realize that we re immortals and will come back to become dust. So, have a good life and do your best. live like today is the last day on earth for us.


move on!I have been thinking about this idea for a long time. I am gonna be 30 soon and I had so many failures in relationship. so I guess I am pretty experienced in this matter LOL. I wanna share about how I handle broke up situation and move on after that. I do believe some people out there still dealing with this matter now. I do really wanna help.
we maybe broke up for many reasons. as a human nature we tend to defense ourselves. we try to find lots excuse to make us feel right. be careful. don’t fall into this snare. because it is only lead you into self-pity and you won’t go anywhere by that. There must be a reason why you broke up. and everyone has their own responsibility for break the relationship. we can’t only blame one person. the problem is we are so easy to looking for another people’s mistake. we are so easy to judge people.” Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye?…”. we better do some self-introspection about why things didn’t work out. and stop blaming one another.
You have to decide to move on from this past relationship. some of you maybe think , you still love your ex and still grieving for that lost. it’s ok though. give yourself time to grieve and walking through all phase: denial, angry, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. everybody has their own vary time length to deal with this situation. accept the pain. cry when you wanna cry and after that arise and move on. once you walk away don’t look at back anymore.
Remove all the things that still can remind you to your ex: pictures, photograph, merchandise and other stuff. put them all in one box and return it to your ex or burn it :). what I did, I burn it LOL.
stop communicate with your ex. give yourself time to heal from the wounds. stop calling him, stop accept his phone call, stop texting. remove all his contact from you, phone number or other ID. it will help you to move on and not crying every night wondering to come back to him. :). The extreme way you can do is start a new life without him by changing your cell phone number. but you must make sure first. is this truly what you want? you decide and then commit to do that.
this is the hardest part. forgive your ex no matter what mistakes he did. it takes time though. but I can guarantee that before you can forgive him and get over your anger and willingness to take revenge you will stuck in this grieving lost. pray and ask God give you strength to forgive and God may heal your heart. then make a decision to forgive.

dedicated to all people who feel broken heart now. we must to move on :) because life goes on :)

have a great day :)


“When we sin, we must go on a guilt trip because we are guilty. Even if we rationalize our sins, we are only delaying the guilt trip. The longer we wait to go on it, the worse it becomes. The Lord wants us to admit our guilt and immediately come to Him. A guilt trip that goes to Jesus can last thirty-nine seconds instead of thirty-nine years. However, a guilt trip that goes anywhere else is prolonged indefinitely. Sin and guilt don’t go away by our efforts. However, when we take sin and guilt to Jesus, they go away permanently.

The only way to get rid of guilt permanently is to take it to Jesus. Go on a guilt trip to Jesus immediately. May the trip be over in minutes or even seconds

I have been guilt-ridden for many years. When I read about the reflection above it bring me my flash back to my past. How much I made wrong decision and mistakes. I have been feel guilty and suffering for many times mostly because I regret what I did. I am sure lots people also deal with the same situation. Some people maybe try to hide it and put it under conscious and wear the mask ” I don’t care”, “I am fine”. but is that what you truth feeling or only wanna look tough and cool? we tend to hide, deny just to keep maintain our pride. we prolong our guilt journey because we can’t humble ourselves and admit we did mistakes. we keep looking for excuses for the mistakes we did. is that make it better or worst?
everyone make mistakes. nobody’s perfect. everyone make sins. it is human nature. what we suppose to do with that? do we need to live fear haunted by ghosts from the past or we can live freely in true contentment?
we can make decision today. we can choose to trap ourselves in our mind that deal with guilt and misery. or we can choose to liberate ourselves from all the guilt chains, break it up with the power of God’s mercy. Come to God and admit all our sins and mistakes. God will forgive us no matter what we did. but first, God want us reconcile and forgive people who hurt us, forgive the bad situation around us now, and the most forgive ourselves for made mistakes. we give up all our hurt and pains into God’s hand. and Don’t pick it up again. keep move one and become a new person. Open new chapter of your life. free yourself from guilt feeling. repent and do your best to not repeat the same mistakes anymore in your future. learn from your mistakes and failure, so you can be wiser and stronger persons.
Stop making excuses! Stop self-pity yourself! stop rationalize your mistakes!. be humble and admit that you are still human who can make mistakes. and keep move on after that.
May God pour His blessings into your hearts and peaceful and love start to grow up in your heart.

Hugs and love


My Trip to Bali

Dear Readers,
I would like to apologize for not writing for a couple of months. I Just come back from 3 weeks wonderful trip to another island, Bali and just got promoted to lead in ICU. So, with lots deadline and all the busy stuff, it is really hard to manage time to do one of my hobby, “writing”.

Here I am, feel surprising read lots supportive comments on my articles. I would like to share about my trip a little bit tonight as the beginning. I went to Bali on vacation. I went surf for the first time in my life. I was full with anticipation and excitement before the course begin. do surf is all I dream about in my life. I love the ocean. One thing that become my concern is I almost 30 and could I learn surf in my age?. Finally, I hear the words of my best friends sounded in my head ” do not be afraid, just do it Eka. Stop thinking!” and I did it!. sometimes it’s gonna be better not to think and over analyzing on something, and just do what you really want and dreaming. Pursue your own happiness. Life is too short to spend with unhappiness. we just live once so live wisely. I took private class at Odyssesys surf school Kuta Bali. I really recommend this school for everyone who wanna try to do surf in Bali. They really provide professional serve and instructors. I am a beginner but they help me to stand up on my board on the first day. I still remember how awesome that feeling. there is always satisfaction and contentment that you got when you become one with the nature and conquer your fear.

My fiance, Leif, always told me before that he wont do surfing because he was too much watching shark movies. LOL. But I always encourage him to conquer his fear of sharks. Now he will always join me to do surfing in our future and have adventure together. Things not always bad as we imagine. The fear is like the dungeon of our soul and spirit. once you break the chains of fear, you gonna be free. I am so proud of him when He is standing on his board and do surfing. I told him that if he can do skateboard he can do surfing for sure. But you need to be able to swim. I guess it is a must :). Be ready also with the sensation that you like come in into washing machine when you must fall down into the sea when the waves coming. But for the people who love adrenaline, adventure and ocean, do surfing absolutely gonna be your calling. :)

we always have doubt and fear everyday. we afraid for nothing mostly all the time. by being afraid of everything we end up do nothing. and if that happen, what is life then?. Sometimes we afraid with the shadows only. so, fight your fear. because it is all on your mind. control your mind and you can control your life.

I also went to rafting at Telaga Waja, Karangasem Bali too. it was so awesome. I suggest to all world travelers to try this one. especially whoever that love natural beauty. The water is wild but also clean and clear. It was awesome adventure. The nature, view and scenery along the adventure gonna make you speechless.

I had bad experience with one driver that we hired during our trip. So I just need to remind for whoever who travel to Bali to be wise choose driver. Make sure you hire an honest and trustworthy driver. Make sure you really good in Bargain if you wanna shopping in Bali.

We stayed at Bungalow in Balangan Beach. it is not really as popular and as famous as Kuta beach. But I love the environment that still clean and not too crowded with tourists. But you must be ready to spend more money for transport and food. I guess next time when I visit Bali, I am gonna try to stay at Kuta and Ubud :).

I realize one thing important in my life that we always need balance and harmony in life. People keep working and working until sometimes they forget how to enjoy their life. I will come back to do surfing again next holiday. I cant wait to have another trip next year. I still not decide yet where I will go. But one thing for sure, wherever it will be, whenever it will be, it will be the next adventure of my life.


Many people out there struggle to maintain their relationship. No matter how hard we try, sometimes our heart just say “it is over” and we know we can’t continue the relationship. The problem is sometimes it is very difficult to end the relationship in the proper way. some people choose to cheat or try to dating someone else when they still want more time in relationship in order to make a backup plan if everything goes wrong. it is not fair for your partner actually. But this happens quite often. some people choose to stay in relationship just because they don’t wanna loose their pride. some people choose to live in ignorance, having an empty relationship. . Some people choose to make the extreme choice of “breaking up” with their partner.

You have to listen to your heart. You know when the relationship is actually over and impossible to continue. Some people keep holding desperately onto the relationship because of different excuses. But you know what? You only make it worse. This does not mean when you are doubt about the relationship, you just give up and leave your partner. When we really try and do our best sometimes, we still can improve the relationship. But only you will know when the relationship is over and can’t be fixed anymore.

You have to remember that failure in relationship is the responsibility of the two people who are in the relationship. You can’t blame each other. You both contribute to that failure, stop judging and blaming each other. You have to be brave enough to make a decision and move on. When someone feels trapped in the relationship, they will look for a way out by many different ways; cheating or behaving badly.

Well, I don’t suggest doing this. Because you have to learn how to end a relationship in a good way. Remember, cheating not only hurts your partner, but also hurts yourself and the other person that you cheat with. At the least, you can end your relationship in peace and less drama by be honest to yourself.
You must keep and maintain good moral values when your relationship is over no matter what. According to my own personal experience, I know how hard it was, and how difficult it was to not think about or take revenge, to do something cruel, to exhibit bad behavior, to hurt others and myself, to do some impulsive actions, or being rude and aggressive. But I suggest you all maintain control and do not do the things above when you are in a bad relationship.

Trust me, it will feel better if you do not do the previous items. You will know that you are doing the right thing. And you are far better than you or other thinking. Prove to your partner that you are not a monster and you are civil person. Be honest, kindly, forgiving, and friendly no matter how hard the temptation is to do otherwise. Just be polite, and be who you really are when you are walking out from tough relationship.

Stop the regret and being negative about your last relationship. Stop crying for it over and over again. You have to move on! For your own sake, there is no use to staying and being trapped in your past. MOVE ON! Learn from your mistakes and learn to be wiser and do not repeat the same mistake, MOVE ON!

These are strong words and must be taken to heart. You will never ever, ever, involve your children in your troubles. It is not fair to them. You can also break their heart and leave terrible wounds in their lives. I have been through this as a child. And I hope everybody will learn that divorce always breaks children’s heart. However, it breaks their hearts more when children see their parents stay together, but fight every day in front of their eyes. So please be wise about this.
Don’t argue and fight in front of your children. Don’t manipulate or use your children against your partner, and don’t use them as weapon or ammunition to attack your partner. Never ever do that! Plus, you shall not criticize or tell the flaws or bad things about your partner in front of your children. If you divorce, make sure you and your partner can still cooperate to raise your children together in peace.
When a relationship ends, I know how difficult and hard it can be. But believe me, sometimes you must listen to your heart and follow it no matter how hard it can be. LISTEN, BE BRAVE, DECIDE, and MOVE ON.


Today is a new beginning in my life. This year gonna be a new chapter in my history of life. what gonna happen in 2013? who knows. nobody can predict. Only God the creator that know the mystery and His master plans for our life.
Lots parties on this earth welcoming new year. I personally choose to do self-reflection and contemplating about the things that I had done in last year. Learn from all mistakes and ready to let it go and move on. we don’t live in yesterday or tomorrow but today. but be careful for Such reflection can sometimes lead people to self-pity, anger toward God, or bitterness. embraced our situation and humbly “treasured” these all events. counting all our blessings because this is the only way we can have a grateful heart. The truth happiness not come from how much money we have, or how big power we hold in our hands or the situation of our marriage or love. many people chase superficial stuff to pursuit happiness and end up with big disappointed. when we looking for happiness in wrong place we will end up falling into big hole of emptiness. happiness is a choice and a decision that born from our heart. when we start to learn to accept and embrace everything happen in our life and react that with positive attitude we will be humbled and start to thanksgiving and be grateful which is lead us into contentment.
many things that can stop us to achieve this level: jealousy, anger, hatred, bitterness, self-pity, unforgiveness, fear, doubt and worries. these all stuff like chains to stop us to fly freely to gain the truth joyful in our life. Break it! and let it go!.
everybody has their own dreams and goals for 2013. I personally gonna make a list about what kind of stuff that I will pursuit. I am not gonna let anyone tell me what to do and tell me that I wont make it. because this is my life, and my life is in my own hand. everything started from your brain or I can say mind set. when you think “I can’t” you really can’t do what you want. when you think ” I can” you gonna open the gate of blessings in your life by develop attitude of positive mindset and optimist. there are so much things that gonna shaking our faith and make us worry. But faith and trusting God has control in our life is just like an anchor in your life that gonna give you everlasting strength to survive. God has a wonderful and amazing plans for your future. You have to trust him completely so he can do His works and Plans in your life. Just do your best and the rest is grace. God has a power to turn bad things into great things. Many crosses await us in 2013. Right now, make a New Year’s resolution to “treasure” all the crosses that come into your life and see how the Lord will use them to transform your world.
Develop attitude of gratitude. Stop complaining. be positive always in mindset, words and attitude.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013. may this year gonna be a great year for all of us and may this year bring the rain of blessings and love from heaven into our life.

may peace be with you :)

warm regard and love



I bet mostly of us don’t like to waiting for. Neither do I :). But there will be times in our life when we have to learn about patience and waiting. We have two choices in waiting. waiting in passive or waiting in expectation. I heard very wonderful preach from Joel Osteen yesterday. His words truly inspiring me to write something today because I also waiting for something good happen in my life.
many of us prefer instant things. But we have to realize when we want something great and special it takes lots time and waiting patiently.It takes lots energy, sacrifice and effort.
Many of us waiting and do nothing and be passive. We want something so bad. we pray about it but we lazy to pursue it. Will you get something for that? hell no. When you hungry, can you get food from prayer? you need to cook something for yourself. Stop being lazy and Ask God’s help but don’t want to help yourself. This is a silly thing. You do your part and let God finish the rest of His part.

We should wait in high expectancy. Expectancy is act of faithfulness to God. We believe that God has wonderful and great plans for our future. We cast away all worries and anxiety about our future because we truly believe in God that proven always become of God that trustworthy. He never abandoned us. And He keep His promises to people who waiting for Him faithfully and have a clean heart. We have to be confident that we gonna see God’s favor and miracle in our life. Even when you feel trapped and stuck where you at right now. Even when you feel that all doors closed to your problem right now. Even when you just feel like to walking forever in endless dark tunnel.Keep believe and hope. Be faithful and positive and always speak out powerful positive words that will direct your life into the light and promising path. You gonna be move by what you know.
Get your expectancy up. Things will be turn around and God will do amazing things in your life.
We pray daily for something. Many of us maybe feel that we pray forever for something. Do not be discourage because things not happen on your time table. It will happen in God’s perfect time in your life. We have to wait in confident.”I know my answers is already on the way”. “I don’t think so, I know so”.
When your prayers not answered yet. Don’t be passive. Don’t be negative or bitter. Do something. be diligent. Use your time wisely. like a farmer waiting for harvest time. You should also sharpening your tools. If you pray asking for rain, don’t forget to bring your umbrella. Prepare everything that you may need for your plans. God will do something. Don’t make plans to go down hill. Do not plan for defeat. Expect something better. When God see your faith He can do the impossible things. God will open the door for you. and you will walk through it.
Do not be discourage. Do not be bitter. Do not be negative. Do not be hopeless. Keep the faith, keep in hope, be positive, waiting in confident expectancy and let your faith seen, sharpening your tools and never stop believing. God will make everything beautiful in His time table. Amen

Live today like it’s gonna be the last day

Dear Readers,
I would like to share about my experience last night. I almost God motorcycle accident last night. I rode slowly and carefully, but suddenly, there was a motorcycle rode by 2 young kids almost hit me from the front while they ride that motorcycle fast and furious. I can guarantee that they still under 17 years old and have no driving license. Maybe they still in elementary school. It is very sad, because the government should open their eyes about this matter. They really need to take a serious action to handle this illegal young driver. They even still kids. I just cant understand why parents let their kids ride motorcycle freely like that and close their eyes about the possibility of road accident. Hope policemen also improve their work to catch all this unlicensed driver.
After encounter close dead like that, I have got enlightenment about how fragile this life can be. How easy we die. We will die one day somewhere, somehow and someway. The wisdom book said, live today like today is the last day in your life.
I am reflecting back to my past. What I did? The mistakes, sins etc. I ask my self ” Do I really live wisely and use my life for a good thing?”. I think about all people that I love and close to my heart. God give me a way to serve needy and sick people. God give me a way and a chance to serve Him through all sick people that I meet and nurse everyday. I think about my family. This is another daily cross that I have to carry that I should living with my broken home family. My parents made choices.I can do nothing about it. I just only can bring them into my prayer And living good. I need to stay positive in the middle of negative people. And God my only hope and strength. Never give up on hope.
MY summary is, no matter how hard your life can be right now. Don’t give up. Don’t stop walking , keep moving, keep climbing to the top of the mountain of our destiny. Be grateful for your heart still beating this moment cause it’s only happen because God’s grace. When you can still breath the air, God still give you a chance to repent and improve your life and come closer to Him. God knocking your heart and waiting for you to open it for Him. God give us free will to make choice in our life. Use that free will wisely get along with His great plans for your life. We all need guidance and Use the words of God to guide your way. we are spiritual creature. We need spiritual life where we have strong connection with God. That’s the only way we gain inner peace and contentment and drink the water from eternal source in heaven that can console us and strengthen us carry our daily cross.
Humble yourself before God your creator. So you can get the harmony in your life.
May peace be with you and God bless :)

Do not be afraid to be single

I would like to write and discuss about singleness today. According to my experience and what I observe from my friends, it’s sometimes not easy to be a single. Women commonly feel the tense for being single in about 30s and men in about 40s. We being single for many reasons: calling to live celibacy, divorce, love trauma, inability to get along and communicate or because we still waiting our true love coming or maybe the right person. I don’t know what about in western culture but society not make it easy for single people in eastern culture. People marry in very young age here (women 18-25) and (men 23-28). And people here always interfere someone’s personal life like marriage. It would be not surprise to find some arrangement marriage. It’s not easy for single because they will get questions from people so often about “why they still single”, “when they marry”, “who is your bf”, “what is his job”. It’s very annoying because we cant yell at the people to “shut their mouth” or tell them “it is not your business” in this culture. Politeness is the reason or excuse.
Many people give up to the society standard and live according to social values and rules. They sacrifice their own dreams and happiness sometimes only to get achievement like others got. Some people rush to marry anyone who available and proposed. They Believe that love can come after married. (rolling my eyes)
I keep thinking and reflecting on it. Why I am so different. Why casual marriage is not enough for me? I know the answer. Deep inside my heart, I want to find my true love so bad, nothing less than that. I don’t wanna marry someone who marry me because I am just like a trophy that he can win. Someone who gonna expect I can be perfect housewife for him: cleaning house, washing dishes/clothes, cooking, rising kids, bed service and working woman who can earn money too. I don’t wanna be with someone who marry me because have hidden motive.
It’s against the society standard but who cares. This is your life, not others. People only judge easily, do they really care? hell no. So for single ladies and single men out there, do not be worry. The time will come to you.God will make everything beautiful in His appropriate time. There is no perfect person. You just will find someone who really can accept you and love you as the way you are. It is needed only one person to make you feel special. You have lot choices so choose wisely. It is not bad for waiting several times, until you really sure about your own feeling and know the person completely. Do not be afraid with failure. Because sometimes, it takes hundred failure to find a great experiment and create a great things. You know who you are and your own values. You know what you want and what kind of person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. So, stop living on others’ standard. No matter how hard you tried to fulfill the society standard, its never be enough. They will never satisfy. So live your life, live your dreams and trust in God. Surrender all the worries about future and love in God’s hands and do not pick it up again.
Being a single sometimes needed to reflect and find your own identity and way. You have to feel comfort and happy in your own so you will can happy when you meet someone. Do not count on your happiness to your partner. It’s not fair for them to put all burdens in their shoulder like that. Your happiness is your responsibility and choice.

I find the best description too in someone’s page in Facebook.

For the singles

Remember that singleness is God’s gift to you and a time where you can grow in your faith and build a strong relationship with God. It not only teaches us patience, but also to rely on God for loneliness and not another per
son. It is a time God gives to us to be free and not be committed to someone.

Many of you are still so young and always think you are spiritually ready for a relationship when in reality many of you are not. This is the time to grow into Godly men and women and to be molded by God into the person He wants us to be. To be built up into leaders and establishing long-lasting close relationships with others.

If you have any doubts about a relationship or that it will interfere with your relationship with God then it is best not to get involved. You need to understand what a Christian relationship is all about and what is expected of you. Singleness is a time to find that purpose and direction in your life. When and if you are ready for a relationship then God will reveal the right person for you and it will be all that more special. For now trust in God’s plan and be blessed by the people and things He has placed in your life.