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My adventure to become a Nurse

hi everyone! 😀 .I would like to share to the world abroad about nursing in Indonesia today. When I graduated from junior high school I continued study in nursing school. I had to stay in boarding house and study in semi military school. it’s very discipline and study almost all the time. We had 3 years study nursing to be a vocational nurses. trained to be skilled and ready to work. I continued study to nursing academy after that. In the middle of study I took one year leave because I have been accepted as government employee and must did my duty one year in public health center in the middle of green forest, west borneo. there was no 24 hours daily electricity, cell phone signal, There was no tap water come into my house and other lack facility because that was very small village. we live in house from the government. Be ready for the patient from other small village can knock our door all the time to asking help or health treatment in 24 hours. There will be time for immunization I and my friends must went to the village along the rivers (like amazone rivers) with a boat. Stayed at villager’s house in the night and spend almost day in river to go to all village along the rivers. felt like had adventure and camping. my friends sometimes have time to fishing. watching people who live far away from town. One thing that concern me is the native people’s habit to make toilet above the rivers. so there is a joke around indonesian or borneo maybe :p, that west borneo have the longest toilet in the world :D. The government try hard to change people’s mindset and teach them about health. encourage people to make toilet in the house. it will be not surprise if many people die along the trip to health center cause it takes long way to go. or they maybe arrived at health center but sometimes too late to be treated. Nurses in west borneo sometimes must take responsibility to cure and give medicine like doctors cause lack of doctors here. not many doctors wanna come and do duty in small isolated villages. while not many native people can become doctors yet. mostly doctors that work here come from another islands. so, few of them will get shock culture and sometimes become stress working in the small village which not have electricity, malls, and other luxurious things.
I have my own experience. What I feel very stressful is no proper food available. if there was, its gonna be very expensive. but the good things we can get organic or forest vegetables that is still free from fertilizer and other chemical. but I was difficult to get fish or meat there. I was unable to use toilet in the river. and I just take a water from the river and use toilet (squad toilet) in the public health center. I and other nurses and health workers went to the river everyday to bath, washing dishes and clothes just like native local people there.
Lots experience, lots scary things happen. but I am glad I had it to build my character like I am today. I worked in that public health center for one year. The government transfer me into hospital in my hometown after that. They put me working in pediatric ward and I finish my nursing academy 1,5 years after that. it was a long struggle for me. I almost don’t have time to come back home. I went to college every morning everyday. and after that I will continue working in hospital for all afternoon till evening or night shift. its always be like that every day for 1,5 years. but once again, I am still grateful for that. At least God gave me a way to pay the study by working too. I was always got scholarship before. so, for people who wondering why poor girl who only have single mother can get good education which is relatively expensive here, The answer is God’s miracle. God always provide and give me a way through scholarships and getting jobs easily.
I keep continue working in pediatric ward for 4 years until I decide to continue my study into bachelor degree in university. I went to the university of gadjah mada in another island for 3 years. It was another great adventure for me. I got shock culture at the first time I come there. can u imagine country girl coming into big metropolis city? LOL
I am grateful for had chance to study in one of the top university in Indonesia. I learn a lot there. I learn not only about being professional nurse but also learn to be independent person. For I live alone far from home and families. I learn a lot about life and about myself. I finally reconcile with myself there.
Some people always underestimate our profession or job. Some people maybe think it’s easy to be a nurse. But It takes lots energy, money and study and sacrifice to become a nurse. We need to learn about lots things: manners, human body anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, Nursing etc.
There are lots people wanna become a nurses here. People have mindset that after become a nurse it maybe get job easier. sadly the fact nowadays, that it is very high competition to get a job as nurse here now. Indonesia keep produce lots nurses, but only small amount of them that can get job abroad. I think it is the time for Indonesian nurse to looking for opportunity to work abroad in other country that people choose to not become a nurse.
I have my own opinion about being a nurse here. I don’t mean to sounds ungrateful but after I compare nurse here and in some other countries. nurses here get lack of respect from people. we have low salary and lots responsibility (sometimes overwork without compensation). mostly management also not care about nurses who in high risks to be infected by communicable diseases. we got lack work protection.If I become the big boss, I will make laws that protect nurses, then make regulations about salary, and general check up and immunization for nurses. sadly, I am still only a nurse now LOL.
I have lots dreams in my mind, lots wishes and hopes. I only wanna simply thing: inner peace and true joy. I hope one day, I can tell people about my successful pursuing my dreams. Amen
have a great day!



I have another lesson today. I learn about how precious time can be, how precious friends can be. I was working from 6 hours in front of my computer then continue with working at hospital for 7 hours plus. I came back home exhausted. But my mind cant stop thinking. The adrenaline keep in high level in my blood cause deal with 5 dying patients today. I was forget to eat my lunch and keep my blood sugar level above normal by eating chocolate :p. I didn’t have time to drink, eat or go to toilet. But I don’t know. I was truly enjoy my work. I finish one by one. I watched my nurse mate interact with our patients. She is truly a lovely and patience nurse. She is always cheer up and her inner beauty shining people around her. I like working with her because we complete each other. I can back up her weakness and she can back up me too. We working together in harmony and not being selfish. We handle patients together, not like another people that sometimes just give attention only for their own patients. Being a nurse is not difficult if you have patience, love, passion, understanding, not selfish and self-centered, good communicator, good memories. You will need to think fast, critical and able to perform high level of nursing skill if you working intensive care unit. We need ability to working with technology and machine too.

Being a nurse is not one way to become a rich person. If you wanna earn lot money don’t choose to become a nurse. Indonesia produce lot nurses. why? Because mostly of the nurse students become  nurse because they fulfill what their parents want or they think if become a nurse they will easy to get job. well, there are lot nurses in Indonesia now and we have to compete in work field. And sadly, not many nurses dare enough to looking for job vacancies abroad.

I had to go to emergency room after finish my job because I heard one of my friend in choir group had motor cycle accident and got severe head injury which is happen many times here. I saw her eyes and I can see fear in it. Worries and anxiety about death. Anything could be happen. And we live in rural area and minimum facility of health. No CT scan here, no haemodialisis machine here. People need to transferred by ambulance for 8 hours through holey damage road or if they rich enough they can pay for expensive flight to capital city of province. Some didn’t make it. Some just die in the trip. Some made it but finally died at big hospital cause its already too late to handle. Some just give up and choose to die at home.

I close my eyes tonight. I did some reflecting again about today. Today is a precious day for me. I learn a lot. I learn about how precious time is. I learn about solidarity and brotherhood from my choir group. As human is social human being. I learn about how precious friends can be and how to cherish all we have. I learn THAT being a nurse sometimes you have to be straight for your patients. We need it of course for a good purpose. Communication is the key. As long as you can communicate in good manner, it wont make people rejected you. There will be challenge sometimes, when you meet people that cant appreciate and respect your profession as a nurse. Let it be and make it to create colorful paint in our life. Life will be bored if there is no challenging :).

For people that consider to be a nurse, please think about it again. You have to be a nurse because it is your calling to help and serve people. For all nurses out there, please keep do your best. Work from your heart. Give unconditional love and use your empathy. Develop ability to speak and communicate and don’t forget to smile no matter how tired you are and EYE CONTACT. Your smile gonna radiant your face, shining people around you and bring warmth into their heart. Smile is one of therapeutic intervention to all our patients :).

That’s all that I can share today. :)

baju putih yang ternoda

mulutku ternganga manakala menonton sekilas sinetron indonesia di layar TV temenku yang mungil dan cantik. begitu banyak sudah aku melihat pelecehan terhadap profesi perawat ditayangkan di TV-TV.
aku menarik nafas menahan jengkel dan amarah.tak pernah para pelakon jagad hiburan menggambarkan bagaimana beratnya perjuangan seseorang untuk diakui sebagai perawat yang sah.
apa yang paling sering ditayangkan adalah bagaimana murahnya perawat begitu mudah disogok untuk melakukan malpraktek dan menyakiti pasiennya sendiri.begitu mudahnya orang asing asing menyamar menjadi perawat di sebuah RS. begitu mudahnya seorang perawat melakukan kejahatan demi segepok uang.atau begitu judesnya seorang perawat pada orang miskin yang ga mampu bayar..dan masih banyak lagi tayangan yang menjatuhkan perawat sebagi suatu profesi yang masih berjuang untuk mendapatkan pengakuan dan otonomi untuk diakui sebaga mitra kerja sejajar dengan profesi kesehatan lainnya.
anganku melayang pada wajah-wajah pucat rekan -rekan perawat yang bekerja di RS daerah terpencil di pedalaman kalimantan sana.yang tetap berusaha memberikan yang terbaik bagi semua pasien tanpa memberdakan status ekonomi dan suku bangsa serta agama.
dan dengan tangan inilah, telah kubaktikan hidupku pada sebuah profesi yang sering dianggap remeh orang-orang.tangan kamilah yang berjaga 24 jam di samping pasien2 kami yang sekarat, kesakitan dan putus asa. dengan wajah tersenyum kami hibur pasien kami walaupun pembayaran insentif seringkali terlambat.dan bahkan seringkali aku melihat rekan-rekanku meninggalkan bayi mereka di rumah hanya untuk sebuah komitmen pada sebuah profesi.
pernahkah para produser film dan sinetron itu melihat betapa berat materi kuliah yang harus dikuasai perawat.biokimia, bioimun, biostat dan masih banyak lagi.
apakah perawat hanya sebatas pemanis yang tersenyum dan melayani pasien tanpa berpikir seperti robot?
pembantu dokter?
tidak!!! orang-orang tidak pernah melihat nilai pengabdian dan pengorbanan yang dilakukan perawat.
wahai para perawat..jangan menyerah untuk berbuat kebaikan…mungkin dunia belum bisa menghargai apa yang kita lakukan namun percayalah.upahmu tercatat di surga.asal semua dilakukan dengan keiklasan dan ketulusan hati.jangan menyerah!!!